Pet Memorial by TreeGivers


Pet Memorial...A lasting tribute to a special bond

TreeGivers is a very special way to provide a living and long lasting legacy of a loving companion. When a TreeGivers tree is planted as a pet memorial, it reinforces the feeling that this faithful friend will not be forgotten. It is a renewing of life, living in a natural freedom, growing into a long lasting remembrance.

The Official Certificate of Planting with the pet's name and the Sympathy Letter is a very personal way to recognize the love for your "special friend" or to the family of a lost companion.

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Pet Loss Bereavement Counseling

By Andrea Keith
M.A., C.E.A.P., C.A.M.F.

Finding emotional support while grieving, is important. Our need to connect and our desire for relationships are very real. We all know relationships are formed with family, friends, and other people, but what about our beloved pets. We DO create significant and deep emotional attachments with our pets. Psychological research on attachment validates what pet lovers already know; that the bond we share with our pet(s) can be even stronger than the bond we share with people. When this bond is disrupted, we may feel emotionally devastated and grieve for years.

Find the support you need from a pet-loving therapist. This fact alone can be the difference between feeling more emotionally isolated or feeling supported and understood. We can grieve for years. Why wait any longer? Call now to make your appointment. Talking about your loss is a very, very important step in healthy grieving.

Counseling is available for the INDIVIDUAL, COUPLE, and FAMILY. Please call 949.650.2442 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Andrea Keith
M.A., C.E.A.P., C.A.M.F.
Marriage and Family Therapist Intern #IMF50547
Certified Employee Assistance Professional (C.E.A.P)
Certified Anger Management Facilitator (C.A.M.F.)
State Certified Domestic Violence Advocate

Office located directly across the street from UCI main campus.
CGI Counseling Center, University Tower Bldg, 4199 Campus Drive, #E, Irvine, CA 92612 (Free parking)