Discover Orange County's Favorite
Dog Friendly Destinations!

Where your pal is welcome in Orange County, California...

Welcome dog lovers! This dog friendly guide was written with one goal in mind: to allow you to spend more time with your faithful canine companion while exploring all Orange County has to offer...

Beautiful beaches, expansive parks & lakes, tasty restaurants, first class lodging, outdoor events and activities... all dog friendly.

If you are like me, you prefer to have your buddy by your side as much as possible. My name is Paige, your guide to where dogs are welcome in Orange County. Whether you are looking for a pet friendly apartment, a new spot to enjoy an ocean view stroll together, a dog daycare you can trust or something fun to do with Rufus by your side, you've come to the right place.

So who is my little buddy? Her name is Marley, my border collie lab mix pictured above (along with her favorite dog park buddies). She has truly changed my life in so many wonderful ways, so I am dedicating this "dogumentary" to her.

I am sure you agree dogs are truly amazing creatures; they love you unconditionally and just want to spend time by your side. So Marley & I have set out to find exactly where to do that in Orange County.

We've also included our favorite pet stores & products, boutiques & bakeries, doggie daycares & pet hotels and local events you & your pal can enjoy together.

You'll also find our favorite dog friendly weekend getaways, where you and your buddy can blaze new trails together.

Don't have a dog yet? Discover one of Orange County's wonderful shelters or rescues and consider adopting a dog today...he or she will thank you for it.

We are also proud to donate 10% of the proceeds from our site to The Humane Society of the United States and one of our local shelters or rescues.

So are you & your buddy ready to explore? Grab a leash, some fresh water and let's get going!

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