Pet Friendly Travel

Pet Friendly the fur friendly skies with your best pal!

Traveling with your small pet has become more & more convenient these days with friendlier airline polices and airports who provide more than just a patch of grass. Here you'll find our flying travel tips, airline policies and top pet friendly airports.

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Bone voyage! 

Travel Tips

Making the reservations

Check availability:

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  • Many airlines restrict the number of pets per flight, so make sure there is room for your four legged traveler in advance. If you are booking online, select your itinerary, call the airline to check pet availability and then go back and purchase your ticket online.
  • Decide if a non-stop flight or a stop over is best for your pal
  • Consider how long your pal can go without a potty break
  • Research the airports you will be visiting for their dog friendly potential (see Top dog friendly airports below)

Before the flight

  • Take your pal for a long walk or run at the park before you fly…a tired pooch may likely sleep through the flight
  • Avoid feeding for several hours before your flight
  • Bring a treat or two to help soothe any stress your pal might feel
  • Bring current health records just in case
  • Take a travel bowl with you 

Airline Pet Policies

Follow the links below to review each airline's specific pet policies:

Alaska Airlines

American Airlines

Delta Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines

Jet Blue

United Airlines

US Airways 

Virgin Atlantic

Frequent Flyer Programs

Pet Friendly Travel at its finest!

Jet Blue - JetPaws

JetPaws is JetBlue's exclusive program designed to provide pets and their owners the tips and tools they need for a smooth trip from start to finish. Jet Blus is simply committed to each and every one of their customers—including the four-legged ones.

Jet Blue JetPaws

Japan Airlines - Pet Club

Japan Airlines Pet Club

Top Pet Friendly Airports

These airports have amenities which make pet friendly travel more comfortable for you and your furry friends...

Long Beach - easy access in and out of this small airport with plenty of accessible grass and outdoor baggage claim.

Austin - Austin has its own dog walk area complete with grass, poop bags and room to stretch out those little legs...lower level, east of the terminal.

Houston - Small pet relief area outside baggage claim of Terminal B, adjacent walkways next to the underground train and a pet friendly Marriott hotel between Ternimal B and C.

Charlotte - a large fountain surrounded by ample seating and plenty of trees, bushes and plants...across from baggage claim.

Cleveland - a large grassy area with benches and a soda machine located behind the elevators by the parking complex, outside the main terminal.

Ontario - two small pet-walk areas located at each end of both terminals with an adjacent large grassy area.

Phoenix - home of the "Paw Pad", located at the west end of Terminal 3 and the "Bone Yard", located at the west end of Terminal 4...both fenced-in dog parks with play areas and water available. A doggie dream!

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