Marley and Me...Our Own Story

Paige and Marley

Little did I know that "Marley and Me" would come to have so much meaning in my life.

First it is a fantastic book written by John Grogan which I highly recommend (despite the inevitable shed of tears toward the end). For more information, please visit 

But Marley and Me also represents the theme and passion behind this website. ocdogfriendly was created out of the love for my litte border collie lab mix, Marley, rescued as a puppy from the Mission Viejo Animal Shelter in 2002. I was skeptical at first about adopting a dog as I worked in the corporate world at the time. Marley had to face some lonely alone time during the work week which broke my heart.

But thanks to Wags and Wiggles Dog Daycare in Rancho Santa Margarita, Marley soon enjoyed romping and playing ball 3 to 4 days a week, allowing some peace of mind while I was away at work. 

Paige and Marley cruising

But passion soon crept in; passion to spend time with Marley and to build a business and website which features dog friendly establishments in Orange County & beyond. So we set out to find the local spots where dog lovers and their pals can enjoy quality time together...a walk along the beach, an outdoor meal, a lakeside picnic, a cozy bed or maybe a fun-filled event around town.

ocdogfriendly celebrates the love of a little dog & looks to promote our local shelters & rescues...their tireless efforts save the lives of so many amazing souls, for which Marley & I are grateful. We are also proud to donate 10% of the income generated from this website to our local shelters and rescues.

We hope you enjoy our site and we wish you & your companions a lifetime of health, happiness & harmony together...

Paige & Marley