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What is massage?

Massage techniques have been in existence for over 5,000 years.   Massage is the manipulation, methodical pressure, friction, and kneading of skin, muscle, and other soft tissue, combining various massage strokes with intent to achieve specific therapeutic results such as stimulating circulation, achieving greater flexibility, relieving pain, tension, etc. Massage Therapy, or Therapeutic Massage, is a general term for a range of therapeutic approaches.


Dog Massage Benefits:

* Improves overall health and well-being by enhancing and balancing every system of your dog's body

* Increases oxygen to the cells

* Relieves tired and cramped muscles

Increases range of motion

* Eases separation anxiety, shyness, grief, aggression

* Calms and reduces stress

* Reduces inflammation and swelling of joints

Increases flexibility

* Eliminates toxins

Enhances bonding with newly adopted dogs

* Relieves pain from arthritis and hip dysplasia

Increases circulation and releases endorphins which help maintain the immune system

Promotes positive human/animal relationship

My personal favorite, pure old fashioned pleasure massage!!!


Massage is good for all types of dogs:

Athletic or physically active dogs

* Senior dogs

Pups and newly adopted dogs

Show dogs, Rescue dogs, Work dogs

Arthritic dogs

Dogs rehabilitating from surgery or emotional injury

About Kim

Welcome to hand2paws.  

Rarely can I pass a dog on the street without saying hello.  I've had a deep passion for animals since I was a girl.  Bringing home strays was the norm in my house.

After a long career in the fashion industry I relocated to California in June, 2013.  In the spring of 2014 I had lunch with a family member who told me of a friend working as an animal massage therapist.  As they say, the lightbulb went on and my new path started there.   I enrolled in ‘Ojai School of Massage’ and became certified as a small animal massage therapist.

I am thrilled to be doing something I love and able to give something back to these beautiful creatures that give such unconditional love.  The bond between an animal and its family is beautiful.   I hope that my massage therapy can make this bond even stronger.


Mission Statement:

'To provide the best massage service to my four legged friends, helping them to heal from any emotional and/or physical pain.

Each session will end with my clients in their "happy place."

Member of IAAMB

(International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork)