Mobile Veterinary Acupuncture, Dr. Kim P. Pang, DVM

Dr. Pang is an exceptional, experienced vet who cared for our three Pugs for over six years. However, she is currently concentrating on her acupuncture practice. We wanted to recommend her because she is so good. Her acupuncture treatments have made a huge impact on the quality of life for our 15 year old Pug, Arnie. For the last four years she has been treating Arnie's spinal arthritis, hip dysplasia, shoulder dysplasia, and a liver dysfunction problem with acupuncture.

The acupuncture has drastically improved Arnie's health and his mobility. His liver function has improved drastically and it is a delight to watch him run now without limping and tripping. We can see a difference in Arnie after each acupuncture treatment. He is more more energetic and alert and the sparkle has returned to his big eyes. Dr. Pang's treatments have had a big impact on our lives and we wanted to share her success with our Arnie with your visitors.

Mobile Veterinary Acupuncture
Dr. Kim Pang DVM

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