Dr.David Weber 17th st. Animal Hospital Santa Ana, CA

by Jerald
(Santa Ana)

Dr. Coghlan and Dr. Weber are the only veterinarians that could finally fix my dog from a very long frustrating ear infection problem.
Dry dog food is poison to me now. I stopped feeding ALL dry dog chow and put my Gracie on a special canned meat diet and add cooked vegetables and yogurt. They wrote a book called Paleopets. This is a great hospital- modern and clean and doesn't smell bad. They use common sense and don't waste money on expensive repetitive tests (finally!). I got a special ear medication made special at the hospital that I only need to use once or twice a week. She is finally cured and happy and not afraid of ear treatment time. I had to wait for 45minutes but totally worth the time and very reasonable cost. A great tip: if you warm an ear medication first and then give a dog a "reward" after the medication, they actually don't mind getting ear medication after a while! Why didn't anybody tell me this before! She actually reminded me today that it was treat/treatment time!
I talked to people waiting in the lobby and they were all there because this was the best place and had the best vets. Totally happy and they are open my only day off from work on Sunday.
I don't have a Yelp account so decided to vent here - thanks and know this is a for real comment!
Jer Raymond

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